As a new band that emerged in 2013, From Day One is the epitome of ‘90s punk-inspired alternative rock. However From Day One delivers a new and fresh approach that brings a subtle new invigoration to the world of alternative rock and is a band that stands out for all the right reasons.

From Day One’s core aim is to deliver its strain of alternative rock in true, big and raw rock ‘n roll punk style but with a twist. 

Between 2013 and 2015 From Day One worked on material that would end up the ten track album ‘Slaves To Capitalism’ containing two singles ‘Keep Me Breathing’ and ‘Move Like The Sea’.  Shortly after writing started for the follow up album that is coming soon.

From Day One who are based in the UK, featured Nik Milan on guitar and vocals, Simon Mooney on drums and David Gaut on bass during the ‘Slaves To Capitalism’ tour.

There is a form on the live page which allows you to express your interest in seeing From Day One play in your area and helps From Day One plan their future gig schedule.